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The Brothers K Coffeehouse proudly brews the sublime beans of Metropolis Coffee Company. One of the country's finest artisan coffee roasters, Metropolis delivers complex, rich flavor in small batches delivered fresh to the coffeehouse several times each week. We are lucky to have Metropolis located so nearby on the North Side of Chicago. Not only is Metropolis local, but we believe that they roast the best cup of coffee around.

We also support the Metropolis philosophy and practice of giving respect to each component of bringing a great cup of coffee to the table -- from paying farmers fairly in exchange for their adoption of sustainable farming techniques to the great care they give to roasting each batch of coffee.

Metropolis Coffee Company's many honors include being chosen Roast Magazine's Micro-roaster of the Year for 2007; earning the love of the Chicago Tribune as their 2007 Best Cup of Coffee in Chicago and being named Chicago Magazine's Best Latte for 2005 and 2007. The list goes on.


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Redline Espresso
La Cordillera*
The Good Soldier Schweik’s*
Ottoman Adventure
Spice Island*
French Roast
Samba – Organic  

Sumatra – Gayo Mountain
Nicaragua, La Segovia*
Mexico, Terruno Nayarita
Brazil, Mococa – Organic
Rwanda, Butare Gkongoro*
Ethiopia Yirgacheffe
Ethiopia Sidamo

Decaf Redline
SWP Decaf Komodo*

*This is a Fair Trade Organic Coffee

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