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Did you know that Brian Kim is a professional golfer, likes to sing and has an un-decipherable poker face?

Brian is in negotiations with a major TV net-work to host “Bogey Men”, a reality show about golfers trying to break into the Masters circuit.

In addition, his dance moves are so envied by his customers that the queue has been known to erupt into a kind of spontaneous dance-off. It’s a sad sight to see entire families doing the worm in a vain effort to dethrone the crown prince of rhythm.

Like his brother Brian, John Kim fancies himself a pretty good poker player. But would his checking account support this view?

John’s life has taken him from seminary to the world of finance and back. His theories on replacing paper currency with coffee beans, while refreshing, have been considered by most experts to be too risky to put into practice.

But tough times call for bold strokes. Leaks indicate that there is a fierce debate raging at the U.S. Treasury Department, where in the face of an unprecedented economic meltdown support for John’s prescription for a new currency has been building.